About us

At  ORGANIC  ET MOI,  we  make  living the  organic  life  easy. 


Our  small  company  was  created  in  2021 in Toulouse,  a  southwestern  French  city, where  we’re  currently  based. Though ORGANIC  ET MOI  might  be  a newcomer  in  our industry,  we  have unrivaled  respect  for  the  environment and  everyone  living  in  it. And this  deep respect  drives  our  desire  to  show everyone  –  from  all  walks  of  life  –  how they  can  contribute  positively  to  the environment  and  help  create  a  better future through  our  organic  products  and education  on  sustainability. 


We  exclusively  partner  with  reliable  and accredited  factory  partners  who  share our commitments  to  sustainability  and lowering  our  environmental  footprint. Because  we  set  out  on  a  mission  to  be the  most  eco-friendly  brand  on  the maps,  ORGANIC  ET MOI  products  are made  with  100%  natural  raw  material. 


We take a people and environment-centered approach. 


Our vision was born to add simplicity in design using top-notch quality materials that help us earn the trust of our audience. 



We believe in creating high-quality organic products and educating customers on how to maintain them. Transparency is essential in sustainability and longevity, and so we commit to continuously evaluating fabric longevity and educating clients about garment life and care. 


We currently have one product on sale that is all composed of organic and raw materials: 


A make-up remover pad set including a bamboo box, reusable cotton pads, cotton towel, and mesh bag made with organic bamboo and cotton. 


What makes shopping with ORGANIC ET MOI a unique experience?

It’s all in the way that we do things here. We price our products with respect to the environment. Our products are eco-friendly with sustainable fabrics that maintain quality with every wash. And every ORGANIC ET MOI product is manufactured with simplicity and quality in mind.

Let us show how easy the organic life can be and visit our website organicetmoi.com or write us your reviews, feedback, or suggestions at customer.services@organicetmoi.com. 



“ORGANIC ET MOI values are driven by people's health and planet. We are dedicated to operating in a manner that is empowering all people who come into contact with while being conscious of our beautiful planet.”

Huguette Collier